13 Unusually Weird Money Tips (That Will Help You Save)

Over the years I have realized that having a mortgage cushion isn’t really a bad idea in the grand scheme of things (I actually recommend it). Paired with a 6-month emergency fund, having your mortgage paid in advance helps when life knocks, but it also saves in interest over the long haul.

 And as I sat there, it occurred to me that “We do some weird things with our money.” It’s a weird way to save money, but it works for us. All of this led me down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out other weird ways to save money each month.

Which is how I came up with this list of 13 weird ways to save more money!

13 Unusually Weird Money Tips & Tricks To Save

1. Create a mortgage cushion

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Step 1: Divide your monthly mortgage payment by four.

Step 2: Take that number and save it for the next four months.

Step 3: Once you have the amount equivalent to one month’s mortgage payment, go ahead and make your normal payment, then use the savings to make another once your normal payment processes.

Make sure you don’t pay extra! Simply wait until the payment processes and make the next month’s payment. Just like that, you’re 30 days ahead on your mortgage.

If something happens in you’re in a tight spot you won’t have to tap into your emergency fund and you will also save over the long haul in interest (especially if you can do this 1x per year).

2. Round monthly payments up to 25

It is a weird thing I do, but I can’t stand making payments that are something like $637.45. I always round up to the nearest number divisible by $25.

For example, instead of paying $637.45, I would make a $650 payment.

This obviously tacks on a few extra dollars that are used to attack the principal on things like student loans or mortgages, but it really adds up in the end.

While it might not seem like a lot, just rounding up $10-$20 extra per month can equal an entire extra payment each year. It is just another weird way to save money that can quickly add up.

Note: If you’re someone who has everything automated and don’t feel like manually rounding up bill payments, this can be done really simply by using apps like Qoins or Acorns (Read my full review of each here).

Spare change habits round up your spending when you use plastic, and then contribute to debt (Qoins) or to your investments (Acorns). No attention needed!

3. Hack the state car inspection

Ok… so you want to know how to get your car’s inspection to last 13 months?

Just get your inspection done on the first day of the month after your inspection expires. For example, if your state inspection for your vehicle is due in July, wait until the first of August.

By doing this, your new inspection will be valid from August to August instead of July to July, grabbing an extra month.

4. Take advantage of Apps like Shopkick

Financial Savvy Doctor sent me this tip when I was creating this article – download cash back and reward apps.

Most people know this, but few actually leverage cash back apps, which is why they are so heavily promoted by stores (That and they entice you to spend more).

Similar to how most people don’t fill in the rebates when they get new tires, cash back apps can quickly add up over time.

Here is a list of some apps to help you start saving:

  1. Ibotta
  2. Shopkick
  3. Get Upside

Here is why this is a weird way to save money:

Between Lauren and I, we have gotten $25 worth of gift cards in one month with Shopkick… not weird.

We just scan things in the store when we shop. It is definitely a weird way to save money, I mean make money, but it works. However, scanning products and having the employees look at you… WEIRD!

5. Check for health bonuses at work

Check and see if your place of employment offers compensation for going to the gym or getting your annual health screening.

While the process of going to the gym is not weird, filling out some of the surveys in order to get a $150-$200 at the end of the year can be a little weird (They ask some strange questions).

But it is free money to reward you for being healthy.

6. Shuffle your debt.

Something that works really well for my wife and I is we shuffle around our debt. This might seem risky but if we get a free balance transfer on a credit card that is interest-free for 18 months – you bet we are taking up that offer.

It is not something we do regularly, and you need to have financial discipline in order to do so. But we have put credit card payments on the back burner to make an extra student loan payment while the credit debt sits interest-free.

Keep in mind: If you don’t plan on paying it back in time, you can get slammed with interest charges, hence why I say you need financial discipline.