50 Cheap Date Ideas You Can Use Tonight!

Whether you’re single or married, going on dates is a fun way to get to know someone (Single) or spice it up and keep growing your relationship (Long-term or married).

Truth be told though, dating, the act of going out with someone you’re interested in romantically can get a little pricey! According to a Yahoo Finance article published in 2018, if you want to take someone on the standard dinner and a movie date, well it’s going to cost you;

The average cost of a date today — in the form of dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets — is about $102.32 in the U.S., according to online-dating giant Match.com .

Similar to the play on words before in this article – 99 1st World Money Problems – I was going to try and title this article, “50 1st Cheap Dates.”

However, the point of this article isn’t to provide 1st date advice, I apologize in advance, it’s to provide anyone who wants to enjoy an evening out with some cheap date ideas!

50 Cheap Date Ideas (You Can Start Using Tonight)

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Initially, I thought providing 52 cheap date ideas – one per week – would be a great way to help you spice up your dating life, but I then put myself in your shoes… and that is a lot of dating depending on where you currently stand.

My biggest recommendation for you as you consider some of these cheap date ideas is to make sure you always implement a plan to increase your dating but don’t go date crazy!

For example, if you only save 3% of your annual income, saving 10% might be too big of a jump to take in one month. Instead, you might want to increase your savings rate 1% per month for seven months.

The same goes for your dating. Dating is more about the quality of the date than it is the quantity (At least that is how I see it).

This list of cheap date ideas will help you stay on budget, but also help you with creating some new excitement!

(And if you happen to live in New York… you’re welcome for these money-saving tips)

average cost of a date
Source: Yahoo Finance & Match.com

1. Stay off your phone.

You would think this goes without saying, but the best date is a date with no phones!

Nothing is worse than grabbing some candy and a Redbox to watch after work only to have one or both of you play on your phone all night. There is no “Dating” in playing on your cell phone.

While this isn’ t a cheap date idea per se, it is the #1 dating rule in the 21st century – NO CELL PHONES!

2. Go to a city late at night.

You can go to people watch or just drive around exploring!

3. Drive to a body of water.

4. Have a game night.

5. Practice your masseuse skills

6. Hit up free summer concerts

Simply hop onto Google, and type in “Local events near me.” This will populate lists of free summer concerts and festivals (#7 below) for you to go expierence!

You can have fun, watch some live music, and call it a cheap date night!


7. Go to local festivals

8. Visit a special spot, like where you met!

This might be easier said than done (I met my wife at a night club that no longer exists, like Rihanna, we fell in love in a hopeless place) but see if you can visit the place you met.

If you’re married, depending on where you get engaged, you can visit that spot.

Perhaps where you met or got engaged was at a distance. If that happens to be the case, you could do a surprise date and stop there on a whim if you happen to be passing through in the future!