How to Make Money Without a Job (17 Ideas)

1. Watch T.V. & Fill Out Surveys

Want to get paid while you watch your favorite Netflix series?

Filling out surveys is one of the quickest ways to make money and get paid the same day. You can simply do what you’re already doing with your laptop or cellphone, but instead, pop up a second browser to answer some survey questions!

How to start filling out surveys and make money today:

  1. Go to a survey company like Survey Junkie
  2. Complete their quick questionnaire to create an account, which actually will pay you
  3. Start filling out a few surveys here and there
  4. Cash-out and let the money hit your account!

Think of yourself as a market research pro!

2. Walk Dogs

Depending on how you look at this, walking dogs for money can be considered a job… or a really awesome way to make money without a job if you love animals!

People love their pets so much they’re now willing to pay someone to walk them while they’re at work. You can walk 3-4 dogs per hour and make anywhere from $30-$60 or $10-$20 per walk on average.

Ways to walk dogs include:

  1. Wag
  2. Rover
  3. Doing your own freelance dog walking side hustle
  4. Working for a local dog-walking company… but that is kinda like a job ?

3. Cash Back Shopping

Want to get paid to shop?

If you’re a guy or girl this sounds amazing (Men are cheering for joy knowing their wife can now get paid to shop!) Simply using cashback shopping apps and scanning some receipts can help you make money!

Shopkick: Shopkick is similar to Ibotta however instead of points you earn “Kicks.” These kicks can then be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Walmart and Amazon.

Users can actually earn kicks without buying!! Simply walking into designated stores with the app open and scanning selected items can earn kicks!

Ibotta: Ibotta is an app that allows users to scan their receipts to get cashback rewards for their everyday buying!

4. Write an E-Book

Like to write and have a great idea or niche to write about?

Consider writing an e-book and selling it on Amazon! Writing an electronic book is a great way to create a passive income stream and make money without a job!

How to write an e-book:

  1. Pick and research a topic
  2. Outline your book
  3. Write, write and write! (Tip to don’t re-read what you wrote the day before every time!)
  4. Edit
  5. Publish
  6. Promote!

You can sell your e-book for a lower price point than traditional print since you don’t have any capital overheard (Other than time). Learn more on writing an e-book here:

5. Create an E-Course

Similar to an e-book, an e-course is when you create a course that teaches others in a “How to” aspect.

For example, I took this course – Stupid Simple SEO – to help with learning the ins and outs of serach engine optimization. Because the creator is an SEO expert, I paid for his course!

The work is typically done upfront when creating an online course, and over the long haul, once you have established a course that is profitable, it is all about making tweaks and continuing to add value to the course users.

Creating an e-course is a great way to earn money online, but by no means is creating an e-course easy!

  1. *Creating a successful course requires you to have expertise in a niche*
  2. Must know how to market and promote
  3. Must add value to users
  4. Create a course with a website like Teachable

6. Start a Blog

Want to make money, not work and do it from the comfort of your home or on a beach?

Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong.

Starting a blog does take work. You will need to work harder in the beginning than you could imagine times about 10. That isn’t to scare you, but it is to be transparent and let you know that creating a profitable blog does take work.


Let’s be honest, if you want to have the benefit of making money without having a job and travel AND possibly make more money than ever before, your blog will take work.

However, the greater the investment of time and effort, typically the greater the reward!

start a blog

Are you looking to start a blog to make some extra income?

Learn how to start a blog here and get the step by step guide you need to create a profitable blog!

7. Rent a Room Out

This might be the simplest way ever to make lots of money without a job, other than the fact you have to live with someone!

If you own a home or have an extra room where you live, rent that room out to create some income each month. Charging $500 a month for a room in your home is an extra $6,000 per year!

Just be sure to get a contract online and to clearly communicate expectations and payment procedures ahead of time!

8. Real Estate Rentals

Have you ever wanted to be a landlord?

Owning five investment properties that net you a combined $4,000 per month is enough to say goodbye to your job or make sure you never have another job again (Depending on how much money you spend).

That being said, being a landlord first starts with having enough money to buy your first rental property and growing from there. Being a landlord can be a headache, so be sure to consider using a placement or property management group to help you find good renters!

9. Real Estate Investing

Real estate and passive income are commonly associated with one another. Thanks to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it seems like everyone this day is “Getting into real estate.” But what does that even mean?

There are ways to invest in real estate other than renting out your room (#7 on the list) and being a landlord. Here are some ideas to make money without a job through real estate investing: