How to Start a Killer Blog on WordPress with Bluehost

Blogging Basics: What is Bluehost and WordPress?

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Let’s start with the basics when it comes to blogging. You don’t need to be an expert to start and you can’t have everything be “Perfect.” However, there are some simple concepts you will want to understand.

Starting with what is Bluehost and WordPress?

Bluehost – is a server that hosts your blog & website.

WordPress – is the platform you run your blog with.

Now here is what is cool.

Use this Bluehost link and you will get hosting for 3 years, a FREE domain name, the platform, and the SSL security certificate (https) in about 5 minutes for less then $150.

For example is my domain and the “S” at the end of https indicates I have the security certificate – important for ranking high on Google.

It is really that simple and once you have done that you have officially started your first WordPress blog. Start a blog with Bluehost.

(Already got a domain name? Read at the bottom how to transfer your domain name.)

how I made 5300 blogging 

1. Blogging Basics: Choose a Domain Name

Make sure you think your domain name out. You actually don’t have to choose a domain name right away when use use Bluehost/Wordpress. You can set everything up and even start designing then go back and add your domain name.

Do not do what I did and come up with a really long, and not so good domain name – Moneylifeandthewholeballofwax …. Yeah who is typing that in?

When I first started my blog I was ecstatic that my original domain name was available… I am pretty sure in 50 years it will still be available. So I had to switch to Money Life Wax, which is much shorter.

Also lucky for you, like alluded to before, Bluehost provides a free domain name so you won’t have to pay $45 like I did. If you end up changing your domain name that is ok and not hard to do – so don’t worry.

Bluehost is my go to for hosting for several reasons. In addition to the free domain and the WordPress platform, Bluehost support is awesome in my opinion.

Switching from Wix was an absolute nightmare (because of Wix not WordPress) and the Bluehost support was top notch walking me through everything.

When you start your blog and need someone to TALK to the 24/7/365 Bluehost customer service is phenomenal. Additionally, most companies and bloggers use a WordPress/Bluehost combination, the most powerful combo on the internet.

Screenshots to help you step by step set up your Bluehost/Wordpress Blog-

  1. Select the basic plan for $2.95 a month (you don’t the fancy professional plans)

bluehost blog

2. Choose your domain name (you should have already thought this one out – short, catchy, and niche specific)

choose a domain name

3. Fill out the user info and pay for your new blog!

I always recommend buying the 36 month package (it is the cheapest) and the only add-on worth keeping checked is the domain privacy protection. The domain privacy is super important so your personal info isn’t shared and it is worth the $36 for 3 years!

creating a blog with bluehost

And just like that you now have a domain name supported by Bluehost, (By the way is available if you want to use that domain name!)

Bonus step when setting up a blog on Bluehost!!!…

4. One additional step – go ahead and turn on the HTTPS security certificate.

It is free and simple.

This will make your blog rank higher on google aka better search engine optimization (SEO) and people will feel more secure using your blog. The “S” is something people look at when divulging personal info!