Step By Step DIY Pallet Wall (On A Budget)

DIY Pallet Wall (On a Budget).

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When I first bought our home in 2010 the former owner presented me with a unique proposition. Knowing he 65″ TV and couches were four years old and would be hard to move, he asked if I just wanted to keep them.

(What 23 year old wouldn’t want sick couches and a 65″ flat screen TV?)

DIY living room

So the former owner and I worked out a deal and I had a furnished living room before ever moving in. Fast forward a few years and the TV in the photo above (From 2006) was quickly becoming outdated. And truthfully, it was just too big.

Since we had a flat screen mounted in the basement that hadn’t been used in over two years, I decided it was time to ditch the brick and mount the flat screen in our living room:

DIY pallet wall.

As you can see above, the TV just didn’t look good sitting on the wall by itself. So I decided to hop on Pinterest to see what I could figure out.

I simply typed “DIY entertainment center ideas” and I was instantly bombarded with tons of ideas. Most looked expensive, but one stuck out – a pallet wall.

Knowing there were about 16 pallets sitting by a dumpster at work, I decided a DIY pallet wall would be the accent we needed for our living room, so I got to work!

Here is step by step how to build your own DIY Pallet Wall!

Step 1: Collect Pallets (About 10-15)

You will need lots of pallets. Some will be warped, some will have cracks, and some will break trying to take them apart.

Depending on your wall size, it’s better to have left over than to come up short.

diy pallet wall
  1. Measure the area of your wall
  2. Calculate how many boards you will need
  3. Most pallet boards are roughly 3 .5 inches in height and 40-48″ in length
  4. Be resourceful when finding your pallet boards

You will start seeing pallets everywhere, but the quicker you collect your pallets the quicker you can break them down and get started. Call landscaping companies, look around construction sites (dumpsters only) and ask friends in delivery or construction if the can get you some pallets!

Additionally, I had to purchase $12 in furring strips and $16 in stain from the store.

Step 2: Break down pallets.

This will take a long time. Not trying to scare you, but when you build a DIY pallet wall you need to plan on spending 1-3 hours breaking down pallets.

Option 1:

Here is what I learned works the best when breaking apart pallets:

  • Use a pry bar and loosen ends of boards
  • Use a reciprocating saw and cut nails
  • This will equal less damaged to boards

Option 2:

This results in more broken boards and more time (IMO)

  • Use a hammer and pry bar
  • Remove and dismantle pallets
  • Get all the nails out of your pallet boards

Option 3:

This works well and I did this in addition to 1 and 2:

  • Take a skill saw and cut the inside of each board releasing it from the outside
  • Then use a hammer to knock each board off the middle support
  • See photo below:

Step 3: Stain pallet boards (Optional)

Depending on the look you’re going for, you don’t have to stain the boards. I also wouldn’t recommend sanding them, that will take too much time and is not necessary.

If you decide to stain boards or at least a few, be sure to have enough pallet wood and stain them all at once! Do not make the mistake and underestimating the number of pallet boards you will need.

I used a Minwax Gray Stain, however here is where I messed up:

  • I stained the wood on different days
  • The second set of pallet wood was wet the day before, and it absorbed the stain more, creating a very dark gray look (You can see in final product photos below)
  • I had to get creative when adjusting the pallet boards and mounting them, however, the different colors turned out really well!