The Saturday Six-Pack Series: Edition 2.0

The Saturday Six Pack – June 22, 2019:

Saturday six pack personal finance round up

1. Anti-Budget: How This Couple Manages Their Money

Instagram: The Fioneers

I would have to say that I hear this sentiment when it comes to couples and money more than any other comment:

I wanted nothing to do with our finances.”

This is the all too common saying happens more than you might imagine. One person in the relationship manages the finances, why the other stays out of it. But is that a good or bad thing?

Read how the authors behind “The Fioneers” manage their money using the “Anti-Budget” technique they adopted from Paula Pant on Afford Anything:

The three steps to the anti-budget:

  1. Decide how much you want to save.
  2. Pull this off the top.
  3. ???


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2. Summer Energy Savings

Twitter: Eric Nisall

So the summer months are here, you have plans to travel and to no surprise the gas prices are already going up in preparation for July’s festivities.

Well, just because summer is here doesn’t mean you can’t save money, and one of the quickest ways to do that is to save on your energy expenses over the summer.

Everyone already knows the tradtional saving ways…

  • unplug the lights,
  • keep the house on 80 so you can’t even sleep at night
  • shut the appliances down on long trips

But did you know there are some ways to get discounts and to even see about power cycling? I didn’t. Check out “How to save on your energy bill this summer” with Eric Nisall.

Saturday six pack personal finance

3. Have You Heard of The Cash Flow Quadrant?

Facebook: Dr. Breathe Easy

If you haven’t read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad do yourself a favor and pick a digital copy up on Amazon and while you’re at it, maybe another six pack.

The book is awesome and it is something you can never learn about in traditional schooling. Kiyosaki followed Rich Dad Poor Dad up with an equally as influential book called “The Cashflow Quadrant.”

Basically, Kiyosaki says you earn money 1 of 2 ways – either actively or passively.

Displayed in the diagram below, if you’re earning an active income you trade your time for money as either an employee or someone who is self-employed.

If you’re earning a passive income you have a business system or investing working for you (Kyosaki’s go to is real estate).

Saturday six pack cash flow quadrant

None the less, if you want to avoid reading the book but gain a full understanding of how the cash flow quadrant works, check out Dr. Breathe Easy’s review of the book here.

Saturday six pack

4. How to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Pinterest: Brie @ Passionately Savvy

The sheer truth to the matter is that when it comes to saving money, we treat it like the gym in a sense…

We know what to do to get in shape, we have the right intentions to do so, but sometimes we don’t do it. That is how we sometimes approach our savings habits.

It is estimated that the average American adult saves less then 3% of their income, and less than 50% of the population has $1,000 in savings. But what if there was a way to trick yourself into saving?

What if you made it automatic? Learn from Brie at Passionately Savvy how to trick yourself into saving more money!

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5. What the heck is a Sinking Fund?

Facebook: Simple Money Mom

Ever heard of a “Sinking Fund?”

Yeah… me either. I have written close to 200 articles on money/personal finance and I have never heard the term, but I absolutely love the concept once I read more about sinking funds.

Let’s say you know you have a holiday to celebrate each December that requires you to buy gifts… Christmas… and you want to plan ahead. Or maybe your fridge is on the last leg.

In that case, you would want to create a sinking fund. A sinking fund is not an emergency fund. As Marissa over at Simple Money Mom puts it;

An emergency fund is reserved for the unexpected… while a sinking fund is reserved for the expected.

She does a great job explaining what a sinking fund is, how to create one and why you should get one going ASAP.

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6. How To Make Seven Figures Selling Bookkeeping Courses

Twitter: Drew DuBoff

Drew DuBoff is the founder of where he helps bloggers and entrepreneurs successfully scale their brands. Recently, Drew interviewed former accountant turned seven figure e-course seller Ben Robinson.

Robinson, after working as an accountant for 14 years, wanted a change and he decided to start a virtual course that taught others how to own their own bookkeeping business.

In the process he has helped over 8,400 people create their own bookkeeping business while managing to pull in over seven figures!! Go read the